Emilie’s Review of A Night at the Asylum by Jade McCahon

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A Night at the Asylum is the story of the single most important twelve hours of 20-year-old Sara Featherstone’s life. Sara is just a normal girl whose family has a tragic past. That is, until she dreams a very real dream where her dead brother, Tommy, speaks to her cryptically.  In twelve hours she will be faced with a rapid-fire turn of events that include communicating with her dead brother, finding love, watching her friend become the vessel for a spirit guide, and uncovering the twisted truth behind the corrupt cops in her hometown. In just twelve hours, she will find out just who the man responsible for not just the death of her brother, but also the disappearance of her friend’s sister, and all the answers are in the asylum.

I found no spelling or grammar errors and the plot flowed smoothly in time with the urgency of the characters’ situations.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the paranormal, supernatural, horror, and thriller/suspense genres. The content of the book has elements that I feel would appeal to a broad spectrum of readers.

All in all, A Night at the Asylum was an amazing read. I felt the characters’ urgency and enjoyed learning and growing with Sara in just the short time the story spans. I never wanted the story to end and found myself going back to it frequently because it had such a powerful draw.  Mrs. McCahon definitely has talent as a writer and I look forward to seeing more works from her in the future.

I give A Night at the Asylum 5 of 5 pandas!

panda 5


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