Emilie’s Review of Grip of Mortality by C.L. Foster

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Grip of Mortality is the first in a series about the Cortez sisters, a family of wereleopards fighting for their lives against their own father. The first book tells the story of Rozar, the sister with the ability to see the truth about an area or a person just by touch. When she meets Shade, one of her father’s lackies, her whole world turns upside down. With Moreno hot on the borders of their land, Rozar must choose whether she will fight with her family or take a break to follow her heart.

If there were any problems with spelling or grammar, I didn’t notice them. The story flowed beautifully from beginning to end and the characters were very well-developed.

I would recommend Grip of Mortality to anyone who enjoys a light-hearted paranormal romance. While the story is definitely meant for adult readers, I feel older teens could read it as well.

Overall, this book was amazing and the characters were so easy to relate to. I didn’t want to put it down once I picked it up because the story was just captivating. C.L. Foster has grown so much as an author and this is her best piece of work so far. She has the ability to tell a tale so mesmerizing it will leave you craving more and I can’t wait until she releases her next title.

I give Grip of Mortality 5 out of 5 pandas!

panda 5


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