Evolution: ANGEL by S.A. Huchton Blog Tour

Evolution Angel

Title: Evolution: ANGEL (The Evolution Series, Book 1)
Author: S. A. Huchton
Genre: New Adult Superhero Romance
Release Date: March 6th, 2014

About the Author


A geek of all trades, Starla Huchton has been crafting stories in various genres since 2007. Her first novel, THE DREAMER’S THREAD was released as a full cast audiobook podcast, becoming a double-nominee and finalist for the 2010 Parsec Awards. After releasing short fiction of steampunk, noir fantasy, and other varieties, she released the first three books of the Sci-Fi Romance ENDURE series in 2013. All three books of the EVOLUTION series will be released in 2014, as well as a Steampunk Fantasy novel, MASTER OF MYTH (the Antigone’s Wrath series, book 1), which was the first place winner of the Crested Butte Writers’ contest, The Sandy, in 2012.

When not writing, Starla trains three Minions, a black lab, and a military husband whilst designing book covers for independent authors and publishers at designedbystarla.com.

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About the Book

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Candace Bristol has always been obsessed with comic books, but in a world where the nightly news often mirrors these inked stories, her dreams of becoming a real superhero could actually come true. After being rescued by members of the government’s AdvaNced Genetic EvoLution (ANGEL) Project four years ago, getting recruited for this elite team is all she’s wanted.

Now 18, she’s finally reached her goal after years of study and physical training, but little could have prepared her for life as a genetic experiment. As though coming to terms with her new ability to manipulate water isn’t tough enough, she never expected to be swept off her feet by one of her fellow recruits.

With genetic alteration, the threat of physical and mental instability hangs over every superhero like a shadow. When one of their own tumbles over the edge of madness, Candace will have to choose between protecting the world, and saving the one who holds her heart.

Emilie's Evaluation

Evolution: ANGEL is the story of Candace Bristol, a young 18-year-old girl whose dreams of joining the newest military branch, the ANGELs are finally realized after being rescued by the modern day superheroes four years beforehand. When she is finally accepted, she is whisked away to California to begin testing and training. It is here she meets back up with her cousin, Gabe, who tries to help prepare her for what she is going to endure as she goes through her treatments to unlock her powers. What she isn’t prepared for is Adrian, a guy who is perfect for her in every way. All seems well in her life until her final test. Will she make the right decision or lose it all?

The copy I received was an advance reader’s copy (ARC) and as such, I cannot vouch for the grammatical correctness of the story.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys sci-fi, fantasy, or paranormal romance. There are sexual situations, so this book is definitely intended for mature audiences.

Overall, I am simply floored. While reading this story, I was completely hooked. It haunted my dreams and subconscious like an addiction and I spent a few nights awake until my eyes hurt, wanting nothing more than to live another moment in the world Ms. Huchton created. I fell in love with the characters so fully that their troubles felt like my own. The plot is carried out so seamlessly and without flaws that I almost pictured everything as a viewer would a movie. This was my very first read from this incredibly talented author and I have made a vow to myself that it will not be the last. I am positively anxious for the second book to be released. It takes something special to make me feel at home in the pages of a story, but she has certainly achieved it with her relatable characters and comic book style imagery.

I give Evolution: ANGEL 5 out of 5 pandas!


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