The Daring Assignment by Victoria Bright Review!

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The Daring Assignment is about romance author Arianna Donatelli, the young daughter of a fashion designer and investment banker. Stuck in a dead end, arranged engagement to the son of another wealthy power couple, Julius Parker, Arianna is just going through life day by day. She believes she is resigned to her fate of marrying someone her parents approve of just to have any of the wealth she has always known. When her literary agent, Allison, gives her a daring assignment to write erotica, Arianna’s life changes forever. It’s not until she literally runs into Zane Foreman that the change is solidified. With her best friend Gia’s help, she breaks out of the boring, day-by-day pattern she has fallen into and into a crash course with a future she never imagined.

There were very few, if any, grammar and spelling mistakes and the story flows rather fluidly from beginning to end.

I would recommend The Daring Assignment to anyone who loves a good steamy romance or erotica with a plot. This book is definitely intended to be read by adults only. It’s erotic romance, so of course there are sexual situations, some humorous violence, and a very brief bout of domestic violence.

Overall, I was absolutely blown away by this book. I laughed, I cried, and I got angry, but I loved every single word. The characters felt so real, as if they could step off the pages at any second. There was one scene that left me a hysterical mess and I can honestly say that very few books have elicited an emotional reaction like that from me. I wouldn’t hesitate to give this book five stars just on that basis alone, but this book deserves the highest rating all around. I can’t wait for the sequel. Victoria Bright has become a staple author in my reading arsenal, and I would never dream to change that. She has raw talent and an imagination for days. I can honestly say this is her best work yet and I am dying to see where her future novels take me.

I give The Daring Assignment 5 out of 5 pandas!

panda 5


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