Whipped by Karpov Kinrade Cover Reveal!

“If you can’t sell a dildo in Vegas, you’re doing it wrong.” Vi, WHIPPED (Hitched, book 2) by Karpov Kinrade, coming February 2, 2015.

Yup–that’s Vi, a feisty redhead with mischievous green eyes and an attitude to match.


I love sex. I used to be a professional Dominatrix by day and a recreational Dom by night. Now I co-own a sex shop by day. I still do the Dom thing by night, when I can.

So, yeah, I love sex. But I’m not a sub. That’s never been me. I like to maintain control in the bedroom. That gets me off.

But when the guy I’ve been chatting up online as a potential roommate shows up at my condo dripping sex and temptation… let’s just say I might be open to trying new things… for him.

If his playboy ways don’t drive me insane.
And if I can do the one thing I’ve never done for anyone.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. But when you live here full time… that’s not much comfort, is it?

Whipped (Vi’s story) is a sexy, full-length, standalone romance in the Hitched series. These books can be read in any order, but you might also enjoy Hitched, the first book in this series.

Content Warning: This book contains sex, swearing… and did we mention sex? Lots of sex. And abs. And Australian accents.

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Court of Nightfall by Karpov-Kinrade Cover Reveal!

Cover Reveal

Court of Nightfall by Karpov Kinrade is coming December 14, 2014! Fans of Karpov Kinrade’s bestselling Seduced and Forbidden series will be STOKED—this is the launch of a whole new urban fantasy series based in the Seduced/Forbidden world, but with all new characters and story lines!


I’ve spent my life in shades of grey. It wasn’t until I died that my world filled with color.

That night, I still lived in black and white.

There was a full moon. Full and looking as if it had been rolled in powdered sugar then plopped back into

the sky, so that a white dusting shone around it like a halo.

I’ve never believed in monsters, or any of that nonsense. Never believed that the dark could be scary.

Until that night.

Now I know the truth, but it is shrouded with lies.

Now I can see the world in color, but it is covered in shadows.

Now, I must find the monster that killed my parents.

And when I do, I will use my new powers to seek vengeance. A life for the lives that beast stole from me.

I am no longer just Scarlett Night, the color-blind girl who dreams of flying.

Now, I am Nightfall—a fallen angel with a lust for blood. And I shall have my revenge.

About the Book

COMING DECEMBER 14, 2014 #NightfallisComing

Available RIGHT NOW for preorder


The Cover



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Imprint Series by C.L. Foster TRIPLE Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal

YAY! The covers for the Imprint Series by C.L. Foster are HERE!

First up is – Book 2 – Tone of Betrayal – Audire’s story:


Cover by: Bookfabulous Designs

Release Date: August 19, 2014


Audire Cortez knows all about betrayal. She was born with an ability to hear it in every step, word, and action made.
While trying to rescue her mate, who has been brainwashed to forget her, her plan becomes complicated. She’s taken hostage by the enemy and hears things she shouldn’t have. Willing to atone for her past, she risks her life for the safety of her loved ones by refusing to use her true form, knowing the consequences.
Her father, a vengeful witch, and trust issues plague her at every turn. With time running out, Audire must put her faith in the enemy and risk it all, or live with the herself for allowing another to die.

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Next up is – Book 3 – Essence of Vengeance – Nidor’s Story –


Followed by – Flavor of Salvation – the 4th and final book – Saber’s Story –


How gorgeous are all of these covers together!? ❤


Book 1 – Grip of Mortality – is available now!


About the Author

new profile 2 25

C.L. Foster is eclectic, geeky, positive, nature-loving and completely non-”normal” (just the way she likes to be). She has been a fan of literature since she was a small child and finally decided to take her dreams (both waking and sleeping!) and do something positive with them.

C.L. has lived all over the world and has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, minoring in Psychology and Forensics. Which means you don’t want to cross her because she knows how and where to hide a body so it’s never found! She proudly admits to hearing voices in her head, but at times, her characters’ impromptu visits can be rude and annoying. Thankfully, she has adequate patience for their shenanigans and can out ninja them any day of the week.

C.L.’s voice is boisterous, sassy, and not finished yet! Stay tuned!


Where to find CLF on the web! (Go stalk her, she likes it!)



Heart of War by C.L. Foster and E.R. Rada Cover Reveal

Heart of WarCover by one of my #Fierce5 Sisters, the fabulously talented and amazing, Starla Huchton!

Release Date ~ June 6th, 2014

Synopsis ~ The Hundred Years War rages around Adalira Mortimer’s life and country, but she is not what is expected of a Lady; instead of dresses and tea, she dreams about weapons and war.

Bastian Kyros is not typical royalty. Being a warrior is in his blood, not paperwork and peace-keeping.

Tradition drives their families. She is expected to don her manners and win a worthy husband, and he is expected to drop his sword and do what’s right for the sake of his family’s name, land, and future.

Their chance meeting at the party of the season may offer them both the chance to find what they desire. Brought together by their longing for battle, their greatest fight may be in winning over their families and conquering their own pride.

A lull in battle does not mean there is peace. The greatest of wars are fought in the heart.

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LNKC Teaser 1 LNKC Teaser 2 (2) LNKC Teaser 3 -I'm sure my mother would love to know I


~ About the Authors ~


CL Foster is eclectic, geeky, positive, nature-loving and completely non-“normal” (just the way she likes to be). She has been a fan of literature since she was a small child and finally decided to take her dreams (both waking and sleeping!) and do something positive with them.

CL has lived all over the world and has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, minoring in Psychology and Forensics. Which means you don’t want to cross her because she knows how and where to hide a body so it’s never found! She proudly admits to hearing voices in her head, but at times, her characters’ impromptu visits can be rude and annoying. Thankfully, she has adequate patience for their shenanigans and can out ninja them any day of the week.

CL’s voice is boisterous, sassy, and not finished yet! Stay tuned!

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E.R. Rada is a NY native who’s mind is in a constant battle with reality and fiction. He’s been penning his tales while expressing his inner most demons and heartfelt wishes since he was able to rhyme.

Poetry and fantasy are his weapons of choice as his inner-most wish to be a dragon-riding, sword-wielding warrior has yet to come to fruition. E.R. knows there is no time limit on greatness, so he continues to float on his constant state of flux; learning, growing, and improving as time goes on.

E.R. is a battle worn soldier who will quickly compare apples and oranges, simply because he’s told he can’t. Never one to conform, he embraces his nerdy/geek tendencies and is well known for creating new and interesting ways to do things (see: stubborn/the hard way). In doing things his own way, he has earned his way through life with plenty of battle scars, knowledge, and memories.

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Daughter of Fate by Jessica Albee Cover Reveal

NEW crbanner

Title: Daughter of Fate
Series: The Children of Fate book 1
Author: Jessica Albee
Publisher: Satalyte Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Expected Release: April 2014
Age Range: 18+
Cover: Joseph Goodwin
Reveal Organizer: Wolf Paw Blog Tours
Good Reads


It started with Death and Creation. It ended with death.

A young woman’s fate entangled with the fate of the most unlikely of men. Recent college grad Mackenzie Blake finds herself in a unique predicament when her grandfather tells her that she bears the power of a fate. Anything she writes will come to pass. Learning about her family and her past, she soon finds herself on the run from all sorts of creatures and people including a handsome, charming man by the name of Father Gabriel Vella.

What happens when a priest who fails to kill a heretic meets a young woman desperate to survive? What happens when the supernatural collides with the real and the two pair up? Can the two of them survive when the rest of the world is against them?


“Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned, it’s been a few months since my last confession.” Gabriel sat down next to Jean-Luc in the pews and made the sign of the cross. Usually this was done in a confessional but Gabriel hated being in those small confined places.

“No need to be so formal Gabriel, it’s just us.” Jean-Luc looked at Gabriel, who shook his head.

“It’s still a confession,” Gabriel sighed deeply pulling his rosary out of his pocket and lowered his head as if he was praying.

“Whenever you’re ready.” Jean-Luc leaned back in the pew waiting. He knew confession was hard for Gabriel and that he was the only one he trusted with it.

Gabriel kept silent as his mind tried to wrap around why he was here. The woman, that was his reason, he couldn’t get her out of his head and his body had started to make demands from him. Demands he had tried so desperately to get rid of when he first became a priest. He was obviously frustrated as he stood up in what could have appeared to be annoyance.

“God Damn it, Jean-Luc!” Gabriel leaned against a pew and clenched his jaw. He made the sign of the cross over his chest after realizing he had just used to the Lord’s name in vain, something he’s never done before. His irritation had to do with his lack of sleep in which his mind was constantly working to grasp at his own failure. It should have been a simple task given to him by God, kill the woman, and fulfill God’s work. Now he was living with a sense of dread constantly looming over him. “I failed, He asked me to kill her and I failed.”

“You’re not a killer, Gabriel.” Though there was shock apparent in Jean-Luc’s voice, he recovered and he placed his hand on his friend’s shoulder. Gabriel leaned forward on his hands and let out a deep breath. Maybe Jean-Luc was right, maybe Gabriel wasn’t a killer, but that didn’t stop him from feeling the weight of his failure. He looked up to the cross that hung above the alter and sighed deeply. He turned to face his friend and Jean-Luc’s hand slide off his shoulder “There’s more?”

“I had the knife in my hand, and it was pressed to her throat.” Gabriel looked down at his hands; he could still feel the knife in his hand, and he could still feel the weight of her shoulder under his palm. “All I had to do was push the blade into her neck and she would have been gone, but I couldn’t do it…. I looked down at her and I just… I couldn’t.”

“Why?” It was a simple question. A question any priest would ask if they were in Jean-Luc’s position, but it was a question Gabriel didn’t know if he had the answer too. He sat down on in the pew and folded his hands in his lap and closed his eyes as he bowed his head.

“I…” Gabriel bit down on his bottom lip as he thought about how to put it. “I think I care about her.”

“What do you mean?”

“I told you about my dream and what happened in my room?” Gabriel looked at Jean-Luc, who nodded and sat next to him. Gabriel sighed deeply before speaking again. “I wanted to kiss her again, I wanted to press her to my bed and feel her underneath me. I wanted to feel her bare skin under my fingers, I’ve never… Jean-Luc, in all of my life, even before I joined the priesthood, I have never felt like this.”

“Do you love her?” Jean-Luc asked as he glanced at him.

“Love?” Gabriel shook his head, “no, I think it’s lust, but I … I won’t break my vows just to find out. So,” he paused as he looked down at his hands. “What do I do?”

“That, my friend, is between you and God.” Jean-Luc clapped his hand on Gabriel’s back, then they sat in silence.

About The Author

Jess Albee grew up and still lives in Massachusetts in United States with her husband, children and cats. She is married with two kids and she currently working as a certified nursing assistant.

When she finds a spare moment, she lives her passion as an author.

“I have been writing for about ten years and this is my first book published. I do not think it will be my last.”

Author Links:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Author-Jessica-Albee/536328549794852
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kendra_Singer
Good Reads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7371919.Jessica_Albee
Website: http://mackenzievella.wix.com/thedaughteroffate

The Cover

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Tale of Souls by J.E. Haldeman Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal Banner

Title: Tale of Souls
Series: The Portals Trilogy / Point Blank
Author: J.E. Haldeman
Publisher: Wolf Paw Publications / http://wolfpawpublications.weebly.com/
Genre: Urban Sci Fi/Paranormal
Est Page Number: 650 pages Print / 370 Digital (??)
Release Date: Pushing for Late February
Reveal Organizer: Wolf Paw Blog Tours http://authorservices.cusebookgiveaways.us// J E HALDEMAN http://www.jehaldeman.us
Reveal Date: January 15th – January 20th
GoodReads : https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18141273-tale-of-souls

Cover Reveal
What would you do if you were me? – Dreams and nightmares are a common theme with me. Plagued with what was diagnosed by some idiot doctor as Narcolepsy. These dreams and nightmares are visions of the past, future and other versions of the present. I was born one thing and became another. By force split into several shards and facets of one gem by some stupid government initiative that doesn’t exist. Fusion abilities forced upon me without my knowledge. The result becomes my taking people’s lives and psyche… fusing every fibre of their being with mine. Some survive… some don’t. Problem is, i’m losing control … Nobody beleives in me. I have a journey in this tale. I’m several souls, and i’ve got several doors and paths to find the answers. I need to find the keys to these doors, and the vehicle to spark the change. These keys give knowledge to who I was, and who will become. The timelines of reality are slowly collapsing. Is it really my fault or am I just taking the blame? The portals are closing, and people are dropping off the face of the earth. Will i turn the key, lock the door and save the world – or will i fall like an anvil and crack the ground beneath? Follow me. Justin David Terrance in my tale of souls… BOOK ONE IN THE PORTALS TRILOGY of the Point Blank Series. (

Cover Reveal

Disclaimer: This is not 100% the final cover, there are minor edits being done by Warumono at present, however the cover you see is 90% close to the final revisions. Watermarked for protection. )

tosfrontcoverTaleofSoulsCoverREVEAL(1)Cover Reveal


(Photography by WeNeal’s Photography and Retouching https://www.facebook.com/weneals )
Cover Artist: Warumono (http://filthywarumono.deviantart.com )
Mini Bio: Artist, Cosplayer, Musician, Tailor.
Second Life: Warumono Mode
It‘s better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you’re not.

Cover Artist: J E Haldeman
(Who is also the author HA HA!)

Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal

I’m J E Haldeman, or Jill. I’m a water dog, i’m a capricorn, and i have ADHD/aspergers laced with the strangest form of social anxiety. I’m happy with a book, or even happier sitting in front of my screen watching Supernatural. I was born and raised in Minnesota, and I moved to NZ about the time I was sixteen. I’m a photoshop nerd and on the side I make video trailers for other authors. I don’t bite, I’m a massive nerd ! I have to shout out to a great band called Lansdowne, because their Conquer Them All single is featured proudly in my book trailer.

Cover Reveal


My Book: https://www.facebook.com/pointxblank11

My Author/Art Page: https://www.facebook.com/jehaldeman / https://www.facebook.com/pheonixfiredesign

Char Pages:

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/pretzelkarma/

Tubmlr: http://www.tumblr.com/blog/portofhaldeman

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jehaldeman

I can be found on skype: pretzelkarma
or aim: xxpuppygirl83

Cover Reveal

This campaign is to fuel the upstart of my artistry, and my new jewelry business. I will be selling my books, my art and goods at markets across the Otago area, and online. The amount of money required is a boost into the business side letting me get appropriate stock to create more things. It is also a way to get my arts, my books and my jewelry etc into Armageddon Expo. However this campaign is only for an upstart into getting things like more euro charms, snake chain bracelets and things for pin/badge making and bottlecap necklaces. You can find examples of my work at https://www.facebook.com/pheonixfiredesign Reward levels are simple, and mean you can order a slice of the pie as well as helping me out. Of course you can see I make bottle cap swag as well!

Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal

(Please note I haven’t made another one since switching to Wolf Paw. Many thanks to Satalyte though, in the interim!)

Cover Reveal

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Cover Reveal Music

Tee-hee. ZILCH – POSE. (3.2.1 Vocals by Hideto Matsumoto/hide)

Cover Reveal

Thank you to everyone who’ve actually been involved in this cover reveal, I can’t wait to enjoy the next leg of the tour when it all comes around!

The Diamond Isles by S. Cu’Anam Policar Cover Reveal


Title: The Diamond Isles
Series: Legend of Xosha Prequel Trilogy 1
Author: S. Cu’Anam Policar
Genre: Fantasy
Age Range: 16+
Length: Approx. 140 Pages
Publisher: Satalyte Publishing
Cover Art: Wolf Paw Designs

About the Author


S.Cu’Anam Policar was born in Brooklyn, NY, but now lives in Washington State. The Mother of three she makes time to write, usually late at night.
An avid reader, she not only writes but helps promote other authors with blog tours and reviews of their books.
She is Pagan but respects all religions and believes everyone should celebrate their similarities and not worry about their differences.
When she has the time, she enjoys playing video games, horseback riding, singing, and writing things short stories.
She absolutely loves to make new friends so don’t be afraid to come by and say hi on facebook!

Author Links

Personal Facebook
Author Blog
Review Blog
Wolf Paw Publications
Author Facebook
Cu’s Ebook Giveaways on Facebook


Legend of Xosha Prequel Trilogy
Rise of Xosha (Book 2)
AmazonAmazon Paperback ☆ B&NSmashwordsGoodreads

The Ways of the Pack Trilogy
Abomination (Book 1)

Other Voices: An Urban Fantasy Anthology

Miraculous: Tales of the Unknown

No Sleeves and Short Dresses: A Summer Anthology
ALL proceeds go to BLISS, an organization to help get premature and sick infants the medical attention they need.

Zombie Addiction: Multi Author Short Story Collection
ALL proceeds go to helping those with Orphan Diseases

About the Book

A strange white whelp; found by The Gateway.
The winds tell her that destruction is coming.
That the horde can no longer remain in their home;
But no one will listen.

Rose has always been different.
Being mocked, abused, and shunned;
That’s the story of her life.

The gods of her people whisper a dire warning to her.
An unknown enemy seeks The Diamond Isles.
She knows the must leave, to stay means their death.
She even knows where they must go.
She has seen their “Xosha” in dreams and visions.

Will she be able to convince the Oni to leave?
Or will the things the winds spoke of come to pass?

Just a Nibble

He had always been told it was dangerous to fly too close to the gateway, and so he landed several yards away from where the ground and mountains started to fade into the nothingness beyond.

He found it odd that the hatchling made no noise. No whimpers or cries for its mother’s warmth. When he found her, he understood why.

“Oh no…” He ran the rest of the way to the small hatchling. Her scales were no longer white, they were tinged pink as her blood pooled under and over her. Her underbelly was bruised, and the small hatchling was still.

Pyre let his body curl around the small dragonette lending her his warmth as he waited for his brother and father.

The wait was longer than he would have wanted. It was a chilly night and sleep had beckoned to Pyre’s young body. He had dozed off curled around the hatchling, one wing draped over it, concealing it completely.

“Pyre…” Toqu’s rough whisper instantly roused the whelp from his nap.

“Father.. I’m sorry, we couldn’t sleep so we can out here and we heard her parents and…” Pyre mumbled sleepily.

Toqu nodded. “I know. Oceanus told me. Let me see her, son.”

Pyre reluctantly stood up and moved away from the small dragonette who immediately started to shiver as soon as Pyre’s warmth was removed.

Oceanus growled low in his throat. “We can’t let them get away with this father! This is wrong. She was new and innocent!”

“Relax Oceanus. They will be disciplined for this travesty. We’ll take her home with us and we’ll keep her safe.” Toqu stated.

“I bet they didn’t even give her a name. They just looked at her and threw her away…” Oceanus hissed.

“Then give her a name.” Toqu chuckled.

Before Oceanus could open his mouth, Pyre did. “Rose. It’s kinda morbid but the way her scales are stained makes them look like rose quartz. Can we name her Rose, father?”

Toqu nodded. “I think that’s a wonderful name for her Pyre…”

The Cover

frontcover TDI

wrap TDI