The Daring Assignment by Victoria Bright Review!

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The Daring Assignment is about romance author Arianna Donatelli, the young daughter of a fashion designer and investment banker. Stuck in a dead end, arranged engagement to the son of another wealthy power couple, Julius Parker, Arianna is just going through life day by day. She believes she is resigned to her fate of marrying someone her parents approve of just to have any of the wealth she has always known. When her literary agent, Allison, gives her a daring assignment to write erotica, Arianna’s life changes forever. It’s not until she literally runs into Zane Foreman that the change is solidified. With her best friend Gia’s help, she breaks out of the boring, day-by-day pattern she has fallen into and into a crash course with a future she never imagined.

There were very few, if any, grammar and spelling mistakes and the story flows rather fluidly from beginning to end.

I would recommend The Daring Assignment to anyone who loves a good steamy romance or erotica with a plot. This book is definitely intended to be read by adults only. It’s erotic romance, so of course there are sexual situations, some humorous violence, and a very brief bout of domestic violence.

Overall, I was absolutely blown away by this book. I laughed, I cried, and I got angry, but I loved every single word. The characters felt so real, as if they could step off the pages at any second. There was one scene that left me a hysterical mess and I can honestly say that very few books have elicited an emotional reaction like that from me. I wouldn’t hesitate to give this book five stars just on that basis alone, but this book deserves the highest rating all around. I can’t wait for the sequel. Victoria Bright has become a staple author in my reading arsenal, and I would never dream to change that. She has raw talent and an imagination for days. I can honestly say this is her best work yet and I am dying to see where her future novels take me.

I give The Daring Assignment 5 out of 5 pandas!

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Evolution: ANGEL by S.A. Huchton Blog Tour

Evolution Angel

Title: Evolution: ANGEL (The Evolution Series, Book 1)
Author: S. A. Huchton
Genre: New Adult Superhero Romance
Release Date: March 6th, 2014

About the Author


A geek of all trades, Starla Huchton has been crafting stories in various genres since 2007. Her first novel, THE DREAMER’S THREAD was released as a full cast audiobook podcast, becoming a double-nominee and finalist for the 2010 Parsec Awards. After releasing short fiction of steampunk, noir fantasy, and other varieties, she released the first three books of the Sci-Fi Romance ENDURE series in 2013. All three books of the EVOLUTION series will be released in 2014, as well as a Steampunk Fantasy novel, MASTER OF MYTH (the Antigone’s Wrath series, book 1), which was the first place winner of the Crested Butte Writers’ contest, The Sandy, in 2012.

When not writing, Starla trains three Minions, a black lab, and a military husband whilst designing book covers for independent authors and publishers at

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About the Book

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Candace Bristol has always been obsessed with comic books, but in a world where the nightly news often mirrors these inked stories, her dreams of becoming a real superhero could actually come true. After being rescued by members of the government’s AdvaNced Genetic EvoLution (ANGEL) Project four years ago, getting recruited for this elite team is all she’s wanted.

Now 18, she’s finally reached her goal after years of study and physical training, but little could have prepared her for life as a genetic experiment. As though coming to terms with her new ability to manipulate water isn’t tough enough, she never expected to be swept off her feet by one of her fellow recruits.

With genetic alteration, the threat of physical and mental instability hangs over every superhero like a shadow. When one of their own tumbles over the edge of madness, Candace will have to choose between protecting the world, and saving the one who holds her heart.

Emilie's Evaluation

Evolution: ANGEL is the story of Candace Bristol, a young 18-year-old girl whose dreams of joining the newest military branch, the ANGELs are finally realized after being rescued by the modern day superheroes four years beforehand. When she is finally accepted, she is whisked away to California to begin testing and training. It is here she meets back up with her cousin, Gabe, who tries to help prepare her for what she is going to endure as she goes through her treatments to unlock her powers. What she isn’t prepared for is Adrian, a guy who is perfect for her in every way. All seems well in her life until her final test. Will she make the right decision or lose it all?

The copy I received was an advance reader’s copy (ARC) and as such, I cannot vouch for the grammatical correctness of the story.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys sci-fi, fantasy, or paranormal romance. There are sexual situations, so this book is definitely intended for mature audiences.

Overall, I am simply floored. While reading this story, I was completely hooked. It haunted my dreams and subconscious like an addiction and I spent a few nights awake until my eyes hurt, wanting nothing more than to live another moment in the world Ms. Huchton created. I fell in love with the characters so fully that their troubles felt like my own. The plot is carried out so seamlessly and without flaws that I almost pictured everything as a viewer would a movie. This was my very first read from this incredibly talented author and I have made a vow to myself that it will not be the last. I am positively anxious for the second book to be released. It takes something special to make me feel at home in the pages of a story, but she has certainly achieved it with her relatable characters and comic book style imagery.

I give Evolution: ANGEL 5 out of 5 pandas!


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Blind Faith by T. Hammond Release Blast

Release Blast

Book Title: Blind Faith (Team Red, Book 3)
Author: T. Hammond
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: December 12, 2013

About the Author

T. Hammond

T. Hammond lives in Deer Park, WA with her goofy, neurotic, long-coat German shepherd, Dexter; he’s noble and brave, until someone turns on the microwave, then she has 100lbs of quivering dog trying to hide behind her chair or bury his head under a pillow (Little known fact: a 100lb German Shepherd CAN fit under a coffee table).

T. writes two concurrent versions of the Team Red series for both the Adult and New Adult audiences. Blind Seduction, Color Blind, and Blind Faith (release Dec 2013) are part of the Blind series – featuring adult-themed erotic romance combined with a humorous paranormal storyline. The Red series featuring Red Rover, Red Zone, and Seeing Red (Release Dec 2013) is a funny paranormal romance series with a lighter PG/New Adult type storyline. While both series contain the same character names and a lot of shared dialogue, the Red series is stripped of sexual content and language.

T feels that writing is not a calling so much as it is a compulsion. No one is more surprised than she is when characters take over the plot and dialog, and (re)direct stories in directions she had not (consciously) intended. She is fully convinced that the writer is the tool a story uses to tell its tale.

T. has a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Management from Whitworth University, and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University and before becoming a writer she was a bookkeeper, technical/manual writer, Call Center Manager and the owner of a freshwater aquarium store, Guppy Tales.

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About the Books

Blind FaithAmazonAmazon UKB&NGoodreads

What do you do when your greatest truth is proven a lie?

Picking up where Color Blind (book two) left off, Teresa is reeling as her life comes crashing down around her. Betrayal of the worst kind has left her struggling to put on a brave front, setting aside shocked confusion, for the sake of those she cares about. Her telepathic sight dog, Red, and Bastian, help to anchor her against turbulent emotions.

Teresa’s colorful and varied friends arrive to celebrate Christmas as the “family” they have become. Some know her heart is broken, while others are oblivious to its tattered state. Thoughtful gifts are in abundance, including several wonderful surprises. Even Red gets into the festivities with surprising insight (and a bit of doggy logic).

Bastian has remained steadfast in his love and loyalty to Teresa, even when she chose David over him. But David has been living a lie, throwing all Teresa thought she knew into question. Can Bas prove to Teresa that he is worthy?

This version of the Team Red series is INTENDED FOR MATURE ADULTS OVER 18. Contains graphic sexual content, and swearing, which is unfortunate as the dog repeats everything.

17563732AmazonAmazon UKB&NGoodreads

A Strong Woman
An accident leaves Teresa March scarred and completely blind. Encouraged by the warm support of great friends, Teresa determinedly sets about adapting to life in the dark, reclaiming her independence.

Two Men on a Siege
Best friends make the toughest adversaries. Sebastian Declan and David Preston retire after twenty years of service to their country. Teresa’s scars discourage neither man in their newest mission: winning her heart. Bastian’s battle is uphill, overcoming Teresa’s negative teenage impression. David is a virtual stranger who fell in love with Teresa through Bas’ pictures and childhood stories. Competent and unwavering, these sexy sailors will stop at nothing, including deploying military tactics, to secure Teresa for themselves.

And a Dog with Attitude
Smart, opinionated, and handsome commonly describe German Shepherds. Teresa’s service dog, Red, is all this, and then some. Red and Teresa are surprised to discover they share a bond which allows Red to speak into Teresa’s mind. Red’s adept tracking skills, and ability to deduce information, open new opportunities for the pair. More importantly, his quirky humor brightens Teresa’s dark world.

Welcome to Team Red!
You will laugh out loud (the author apologizes in advance for the strange looks you will get when you start to giggle uncontrollably), in this Humorous, Spicy, Paranormal Romance.

WARNING: This book is INTENDED FOR MATURE ADULTS OVER 18. Contains swearing, which is unfortunate, as the dog repeats everything. When you have two hot, single-minded, sailors pursuing the same woman, graphic language and sexual situations are inevitable.

18212634AmazonAmazon UKB&NGoodreads

Blinded and scarred in an accident a year ago, Teresa has finally found love, and a new career with the help of her companion dog, Red. Red appears to be a typical German shepherd, but he shares a mental communication link with his owner that is anything but ordinary. He’s articulate, sassy and opinionated – he’s also scary-smart, and has a talent for tracking.

Teresa and Red, have partnered with David, and Bastian, to form Team Red. This unique Team helps the local police department sift through evidence to find forensic clues that only Red’s sensitive nose, and Teresa’s ability to ask the right questions can uncover. A twist of fate brings Team Red to the attention of the Military, and the Team gets ready for their first undercover mission (we can only divulge at this point that Red looks adorable in his tux).

WARNING: This book is a Laugh-Out-Loud paranormal extra spicy romance (Yes, I’ve boldly meshed humor and sex *gasp!*). This Team Red book contains a feisty blind woman with a sassy attitude; a snarky German shepherd who stalks low flying objects (and the occasional cat); two sexy retired Navy men with a talent for tactical planning; a man-cave with secret tunnels and classified military toys; a formal invitation to a black and white ball; Marilyn Monroe; and a herd of Mustangs (okay, maybe ‘herd’ is a slight exaggeration). This book is INTENDED FOR MATURE ADULTS OVER 18. Sexual situations and adult language were used (and abused) in the making of this novel.

Emilie's Evaluation

Blind Seduction is the story of Theresa March, a 30-year-old woman who loses her eyesight during a freak accident on Halloween. Eight months later, she has learned to cope with the loss of her vision and is given the german shepherd she named that fateful Halloween from her best friend Janey. Within minutes of receiving Red, she finds he can speak to her in her mind. A few days later, she finds out Janey’s brother, Bastian, has retired from the Navy and has come back home. This brings back the horrible memories and feelings she has harbored for years, but what she doesn’t expect is to become friends with Bastian or find love in the arms of his friend David.

There were few grammar and spelling errors and the story flowed well from beginning to end.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a healthy romance with paranormal undertones and light-hearted humor.

Overall, this was a nice read. I enjoyed the character of Red as well as Janey and Ken, the once gay assistant to Theresa. Theresa and David weren’t my favorite characters, but they grew on me the more I read. The story itself was entertaining and the relationship between Red and Theresa was sweet and often hysterical. This is my first read from Mrs. Hammond’s works and I do look forward to reading more from her. Her ability to draw the reader into the story is amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed that about Blind Seduction.

I give Blind Seduction 4 out of 5 pandas!


Emilie’s Review of Abomination by S. Cu’Anam Policar


Abomination is the story of Katalina DarkLaw, a lupirian born into a corrupt pack who is forced into a life of pain and suffering. Accused of killing a beta wolf from her own pack, she is thrust into the harsh wilds of Xosha with a bounty on her head. She undergoes several horrific transformations at the hands of those who wish to make her their weapon, including that of a howler. Chaos seeks her at every turn as she evolves into a monster even she fears. When she meets Silver Von’Dyre and his merry band of misfits however, her life takes a turn for the better. Love and mateship await her in the arms of the foul-mouthed, witty alpha and she is given a gift she never expected – acceptance.

There were very few, if any, spelling and grammar mistakes and the story kept pace from beginning to end.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy and romance. While there are themes that some readers may find disturbing, the story itself is intended for mature readers above the age of 18.

Overall, I loved this book. The story is part of the miraculous Xosha books built in a world that is very well thought out and described in a way that I felt like I was seeing the sights from the characters’ eyes. True to S. Cu’Anam’s style, the characters are witty and relatable and humor is found around every corner. Her talent as an author continues to blossom wonderfully and her future as an author is insanely bright. I am eagerly anticipating her next release in this stunning storyline, ‘The Diamond Isles’.

I give Abomination 5 out of 5 pandas!

panda 5

Emilie’s Review of Grip of Mortality by C.L. Foster

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Grip of Mortality is the first in a series about the Cortez sisters, a family of wereleopards fighting for their lives against their own father. The first book tells the story of Rozar, the sister with the ability to see the truth about an area or a person just by touch. When she meets Shade, one of her father’s lackies, her whole world turns upside down. With Moreno hot on the borders of their land, Rozar must choose whether she will fight with her family or take a break to follow her heart.

If there were any problems with spelling or grammar, I didn’t notice them. The story flowed beautifully from beginning to end and the characters were very well-developed.

I would recommend Grip of Mortality to anyone who enjoys a light-hearted paranormal romance. While the story is definitely meant for adult readers, I feel older teens could read it as well.

Overall, this book was amazing and the characters were so easy to relate to. I didn’t want to put it down once I picked it up because the story was just captivating. C.L. Foster has grown so much as an author and this is her best piece of work so far. She has the ability to tell a tale so mesmerizing it will leave you craving more and I can’t wait until she releases her next title.

I give Grip of Mortality 5 out of 5 pandas!

panda 5

Emilie’s Review of Forever Fae by L.P. Dover

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Forever Fae tells the story of Calista, the 21-year-old fae princess of the Summer Court. The Prophecy tells of ‘The Four’ who will save the fae world from the evil of the Dark Sorcerer and as fate would have it, Calista is one of ‘The Four’. When she meets Ryder, the prince of the Winter Court at her Guardian ceremony, her life is turned upside down. The very next day, she is kidnapped by the Dark Sorcerer Alasdair’s minions and Ryder and Calista’s gaurdian Merrick must save her before Alisdair can take her power and prevent the Prophecy from taking place.

There are a few issues with the timeline that I had as well as the awkward sex at the end of the story, but the story still unfolded flawlessly.

I would recommend this story to anyone who enjoys the paranormal/fantasy genres and to anyone who would enjoy a fast-paced romance story.

Overall, the story was amazing. I found myself mesmerized by the characters and the beautiful world Mrs. Dover created. I didn’t want to put the book down and I never wanted it to end. I enjoyed reading it immensely! I can’t wait to start reading Betrayals of Spring! Mrs. Dover’s gift with storytelling is promising and I can see myself getting lost in the pages of her tales for many years to come.

I give Forever Fae 4 out of 5 pandas!

panda 4

My Review of Little Red Book of Romance by Thomas Hunter Dillon

71vHdOjM4uL._SL1500_AmazonAmazon UKGoodreads

Little Red Book of Romance is a collection of short stories ranging from erotica to a dark trip into heartbreak. The author has taken his half of the stories from Little Purple Book of Passions and Little Black Book of Paranormal Passions and combined them in a single volume with an all-new story meant just for his fans. Another new addition to this volume is the author’s introduction that not only prepares you for each story, but also connects you to the author’s thoughts and feelings behind them.

There are some minor errors in the later stories and a bit of awkward conversation* which slowed me down a bit while reading, but otherwise, each story flowed well from beginning to end. (*Characters constantly calling each other by name while conversing when there isn’t much reason for them to have to clarify who it is they are talking to.)

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys erotica or romance, whether it be paranormal or not. There is a story inside for literally everyone.

Overall, the book was good and several of the stories were pretty steamy. I do recommend this be read one short story at a time to truly enjoy the book itself. Mr. Dillon has a lot of potential in writing erotica and romance that shows through in his work. I feel he has quite a long future in this genre and that there is very little he could not accomplish in writing if he was determined.

I give Little Red Book of Romance 4 out of 5 pandas!

panda 4